Worldwide Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner KST-1000-W

First in the world
Now on sale!  Worldwide Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner
A terrestrial digital tuner enabling reception of all terrestrial digital 
broadcasting standards with a single device
Intuitive, simple operation. Enjoy all approved DTT broadcasting.Smart Digital Tuner Worldwide for ocean going ships
Worldwide Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner  KST-1000-W Worldwide Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner  KST-1000-W
Worldwide Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner  KST-1000-W

Three major features

Three major features
1.Compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting standards worldwide

This system enables TV viewing while in coastal regions (or in port) in each country.
 The terrestrial digital broadcasting standards in major regions are as indicated below.(as of March 2015)
Europe, Russia, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE etc.
ATSC North America, Korea etc.
ISDB-T Japan
ISDB-Tb South America etc.
DTMB China, Hong Kong etc.
precautions for viewing terrestrial broadcasting・ To enable pleasant TV viewing, terrestrial digital broadcasting signals must be received at or above a certain strength via a terrestrial digital antenna. 
・ Even if the antenna and this product are set up properly, and correctly connected, reception of terrestrial digital broadcasts will be impossible in countries without terrestrial digital broadcasting. Even in countries where terrestrial digital TV broadcasting has been started, it may be impossible to view digital TV if the current location (anchor point) is distant from the broadcasting station, or if it is impossible to obtain signal strength sufficient 
   for TV viewing at unfavorable locations such as those where noise has an effect on TV signals. 
・In terms of video formats, the system supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264. It does not support AVS (a standard unique to China).
・ Pay broadcasts (scrambled broadcasts) cannot be viewed.
・ It does not support analog terrestrial broadcasting. Use your analog worldwide TV to watch analog TV programs.
・ The upper illustration is for reference. Please check Wikipedia about the status of digital television transition. 2.Intuitive, simple operation 
Operation relating to TV viewing, such as region selection (broadcasting system selection) and 
channel scan, can be done simply and easily.Broadcasting standards are established by regions (countries). 
With this product, it is possible to perform channel scan with either of the following:
  1. Scanning by designating a region (country) or broadcasting standard
  2. Sequential scanning of all broadcasting standards (All Scan) 3.Can be connected with analog worldwide TV using through-out output 
The main unit is equipped with an antenna through-out output terminal for connecting an analog worldwide TV, to enable viewing of analog TV in countries continuing to broadcast terrestrial analog TV.
In regions (countries) where there is
(a) only analog terrestrial broadcasting ----------------------  Use an analog worldwide TV.

(b) both analog and digital terrestrial broadcasting ------- Use an analog worldwide TV or Smart Digital Tuner.
(c) only digital terrestrial broadcasting ----------------------- Use Smart Digital Tunar.

Features only in Japan (ISDB-T)

1.Equipped with 1-seg for a much broader viewing area (Japan only) 
Even if the ship enters an area where viewing is impossible with ordinary TV due to the weakness of the received signals, the system will automatically switch to 1-seg to enlarge the viewing area.
2.Equipped with double tuner for relay/affiliated station search (Japan only) Unlike TV in the home, the broadcasting stations which can be viewed constantly change on a moving ship. With previous terrestrial digital tuners, it was necessary to manually perform region setting and broadcasting station scanning to adjust to these invisible changes. With this product, the system automatically switches between two tuners while they constantly search for the optimal broadcast, and thus there is no need for troublesome operation.

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Product name SMART DIGITAL TUNER Worldwide
Model KST-1000-W
TV Formats supported Digital terrestrial TV broadcasting standards
Ports DC Jack
HDMI output
RCA video output
Antenna input / output (RF pass-through output)
USB 2.0 (for maintenance)
Content Formats Supported Video: H.264, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4
Audio: MPEG Audio
Output Resolution Supported Selectable DTV Output resolution
(720p / 1080i / 1080p) *when using HDMI cable
AC adapter 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Operating temperature 0 - 40℃
Operating humidity 20 - 80% No condensation
Size 190mm x 42mm x 115mm
Mass (Approx.) 510 g

Remote control

Batteries Size AAA Batteries (1.5V) x 2
Size 49mm x 27mm x 185mm
Mass (Approx.) 82 g


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Adobe Acrobat is required for viewing the documents. Acrobat Reader is available free of charge from the Adobe website.
Adobe Acrobat is required for viewing the documents. Acrobat Reader is available free of charge from the Adobe website.

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